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Your body is a self healing machine. Life unfortunately gets in the way. The food that you eat, the thoughts that you think, the experiences that you have lived through all create an imprint in your body that can help or prevent you from healing. At Food Alkhemix, our programs are designed to activate your body so that you can heal yourself mind, body and soul. You are your own healer. You just need to remember and help your body in the process.

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From energy medicine to detox programs to 3 month deep dives reprogramming your relationship with food and yourself, there are a lot of offerings that may be of service to you. Book a FREE activation call to learn how we may be able to best work together.

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Ready to Shift Some Energy?

If you are ready to remove blockages that are holding you back, schedule some one on one healing with Vanita K Gupta, PhD, MBA and certified energy healer. From Reiki, to Akashic Records, Angelic Healings and more, Vanita combines intuition and science to help you feel better and achieve your goals.

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“Vanita K Gupta You Are an absolute Legend !!! I love your knowledge, experience, wisdom & passion and I am forever grateful as I know you have helped me see a new way of what I put into my body/vessel and this will be life changing for me.”



In today's world we are exposed to toxins in the air, water, food, household detergents, clothing, streets, furniture, plastic...pretty much everywhere. These toxins stay in your body and are stored into your fat. Learn to detox in a safe and healthy way so you remove the toxins along with the cravings, excess weight and emotions that go with it, 

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