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Ready to reduce stress, anxiety? To release energetic blockages stored in your body weighing you down mentally, emotionally and physically? Ready to step into a new version of you promoting overall health and wellness? Well you've come to the right place. 

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The Medicine You Need Is Inside You

Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed, stuck, uninspired or weighed down by personal or global events.

Feeling frustrated by the patterns of painful experiences that keep showing up in your life that you may be attracting on a subconscious level. Maybe you are carrying a lot of emotional baggage that keeps being mirrored in your life in your relationships. Or you just don't know what your next step should be.

The flow of energy in your body can become stagnant or blocked and over time can lead to dis-ease of the mind and body. Releasing this energy provides you with the relief you need to help you feel better.

I will help you unlock your body’s own life force energy to bring about optimal wellness through my unique combination of intuition, heart-centered compassion, science and logic. In each session I provide a container for healing in which you feel safe, supported, seen and heard without any judgement by listening to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Whether you are dealing with issues in the now moment or from the past, I will intuitively establish the area to focus on in order to provide you with the healing you need so it impacts your life immediately. I will also provide you with practical and easy to understand techniques that will help amplify your results. In just one session you will feel a shift, feeling more energetic, happy, confident, relaxed, empowered, supported and peaceful.

I am a certified Reiki Master, Quantum Healer, Sound Healer, Akashic Record Reader, Food Magician and a Transformational Wellness Coach helping people shift their lives to bring in abundance, health and joy. I am also a well accomplished scientist with a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and an MBA in Pharmaceutical Marketing. I bridge science and spirituality, evidence and intuition, and eastern and western medicine for a wholistic experience.

Sessions are private and conducted virtually. Individual in-person sessions can be arranged in the Los Angeles area.  Virtual or in-person group sessions and relationship session (couples, parent/child, coworkers) are also available upon request.

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Quantum Energy Healing Can Help You:

  • Reduce and manage stress and anxiety
  • Release blocks that keep you stuck
  • Increase peace and relaxation
  • Improve your health and wellbeing
  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • Strengthen the systems of your body including immune, nervous and gut health
  • Detoxify and release
  • Balance and align your chakras
  • Increase creativity and problem solving
  • Improve your relationship to yourself, others and the world around you
  • Promote healing and happiness
  • Open up your heart
  • Shift your life perspective
  • Foster deep relaxation and rest so you sleep better
  • Align with your life purpose
  • Open up opportunities and energetic flow in life
  • Find inner peace in your everyday life
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"My reading with Dr. Vanita Gupta was astounding. She confirmed certain past life memories, and showed me their significance and lessons. This confirmation of events floored me because no one else knew about these incarnations other than myself. The guidance she provided during our session gave me clarity and motivated me to fully embrace my soul's journey and purpose. The reading was life changing and I strongly recommend an Akashic Record reading with Dr. Gupta if you are seeking your absolute truth."



It's Time to Heal and Connect


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You are ready to shift into the next best version of you. It's time to feel better than you do now.

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Have questions about energy healing, distance healing or something else? Take a look at the FAQs below. 


I had the most beautiful experience with Vanita! Let me start by saying that my need for healing and self care has been great this year as I'm certain is true for everyone. Vanita really made me feel comfortable and once we began my body relaxed so much. There was a point where I felt a little out of body which was an incredible feeling. I was able to go deep within myself and really tune in to her vibration. I have not felt that good in a long time. I highly recommend her services. She is a gifted healer. 


Vanita is a truly gifted Reiki practitioner with an intuitive ability to create a trusting and supportive environment. The session helped me access a deeply relaxed state and better understand the internal and external factors affecting my emotional and physical health at this time. I could feel the heat and the movement of energy through physical body and experienced strong imagery and memories that helped unfold the story of where I am now and how I can continue to evolve my health and spirituality in the coming months. I highly recommend working with Vanita as a guide, healer and teacher. 


I had an incredibly healing reiki session with Vanita. I was struck by the congruence of her strong direction, gentle envelopment and bright intuition. The space she created, even from a distance online, allowed me to drop in quickly to a place of meditation, relaxation, magic and awareness. I came out of the session  feeling brighter, more integrated and the reverberations flowed into my dream life that night. I'm looking forward to more healing sessions soon.


Ready To Shift Your Life?

Today is the day! Give yourself the gift of health. Let's do this! 

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"Working with Vanita has been a life-altering voyage.

I found her page out of the blue, and realized it was time to really face the issues I had regarding food, guilt, shame, body hatred/low self esteem, and the trauma of growing up around illness and food issues. I couldn't find a one-size-fits-all approach, and didn't feel my needs met by the wellness industry or the body positive movement. Something was missing.

With a combination of her lived experiences, the collective wisdom of her scientific and spiritual studies, as well as her passion for social justice for all, she has made a fantastic guide. She understands the ways that our relationships with food and our bodies can be linked with trauma, family influence, and the outside influence of the media, our peers, and the system we grow up in, and how that is linked with our biology.

She brings a refreshing approach to wellness, one that has been more effective and evocative for me than any therapist, nutritionist, doctor, blog or book I've encountered. She is not coming from a place of judgment, but a personalized approach that helps us examine how we feel and what life we envision for ourselves.

A session with Vanita leaves me feeling lighter, and open to truly caring for my body and mind for the reason of self-fulfillment and peace. I know if you work with her, she will help you in countless ways, that are truly unique to your needs."

- Lucia

45 Min Quantum Healing


Intro Session

  • Receive transformative healing to test it out or as regular maintenance
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90 min Quantum Healing with Reiki


Most Popular

  • Receive a powerful combination of energetic techniques for a deep cleanse and feelings of peace
  • Clear blockages to gain insight and clarity in life
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60 min Quantum Healing


Deep healing

  • Deeper healing to remove energetic blockages
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Submit your contact info if you want to book an in person or a couple, group, or corporate event or if you want to book a different form of energy healing or a longer Akashic Record reading with a karmic healing without Reiki. If the suggested times do not work for you, reach out and we can find a time together. Let's customize a healing event together that meets your needs. 

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"Vanita is a highly talented vegetarian chef and extremely well versed in meditation and yoga practices. As a skilled science communicator, Vanita is able to share her knowledge and skills in an accessible way that inspires and encourages others to explore new areas of thought."

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Food Alkhemix by Vanita K Gupta

Food Alkhemix by Vanita K Gupta, PhD, MBA, empowers people to step into their optimal health by combining science and magic to deconstruct two of their most intimate relationships in life: Your relationship to food and to yourself. Together, we uncover your core beliefs holding you back and lay a new foundation to unite mind, body and soul so you can better navigate life with less stress and anxiety. You can heal inside out and outside in with food.

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